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Review: Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F

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Its our review about Dragon Balls Z revival of F. This movie returned in 2015 again. But before this movie, in 2013, Dragon Ball Z was back with battle of Gods. In that movie cough Goku get all super powers and converts into a cough god. In that movie Goku reached a new power level. But he couldn’t maintain this power because it was not complete. In battle of gods, Beerus and nanny Whis leave as friends. They finalized that they will not destroy the Earth due to its gastronomic delights.


In 2013, Battle of Gods was a huge and marvelous return. This movie/series was full of fun, character moments and humor. This movie caught the attention of everyone and it was really a great surprise. But when we compare dbz revival of F to battle of gods, it was not much delightful. It is just like standard dragon ball z. In this movie again there were lots of over powered, fighting in the sky, crazy haired and blasting each other with crazy energy beams.

In this series Frieza gets life back for Goku. The series is almost about him and it shows that this time he has come up with super doper power. Frieza and Goku fight and Frieza loses. This is what people wanted from Dragon Ball Z revival of F. But still most of the people are not happy with this series because they say that they want to see some super heroes that fight like gods. They fight and blast the face and punches to the gut. They want to see screaming and explosions.learn additional tips about this movie at http://www.christianpost.com/news/dragon-ball-super-episode-18-preview-resurrection-f-story-starts-as-goku-and-vegeta-train-on-beerus-planet-148937/

Just Fun Action:

This movie is just like Fast and Furious. But the modification is that the characters were more developed. There is just fun action on the screen. If we say that dragon ball z revival of F is just a perfect movie, it’s wrong to say, because it’s not the perfect one.

Animation Quality:

The best thing about this movie is excellent animation quality. This type of animation was not the part of Battle of Gods. So it’s unique. The energy effects added behind every character are just amazing. In battle of gods very low and poor quality cameras were used but here in this movie dbz revival of F, the camera work was very unique that adds thrill that was previously not present. The traditional animation is still a part of this movie.

Dragon Ball Z

Hence, in dbz revival of F, all the characters featured get something to do. Unlike previous series, Goten and Trunks didn’t participate in the battle and it was a good idea, because they always mess up the battle plans. There were also some additional fighting and action scenes in this movie. Overall, its not as unique as people had perception about it. But its somewhat good and its good idea to watch it. From the previous series, its better in animation and camera quality. But there was nothing that much new in this movie as the people were expecting.

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