Bringing Your Wedding Colors into a Flower Girl Dress

As a bride, you’ve put a lot of thought and consideration into choosing colors for your wedding’s décor. Some brides choose the colors that have always been their favorites. Others choose trendy colors that are popular now. Finally, others select colors that will coordinate with the season of their weddings. However you’ve chosen your colors, you can be certain that you’ll want to bring those colors into your flower girl’s dress.

You can incorporate different colors into a flower girl dress in many different ways. Some are more subtle than others, but the effect is always stylish. By coordinating the colors in your flower girl’s dress with the rest of your wedding, you ensure that your celebration has a cohesive feeling. Isn’t that what every bride wants for her special day?

One easy way to coordinate your flower girl dress with your wedding’s décor colors is to select a dress made with that same color. Does the manufacturer of your bridesmaid dresses make flower girl dresses, as well? You could easily order a dress that is similar to the dress your bridesmaids will wear. Many times, the flower girl dress will even be cut from fabric from the same dye lot as the other dresses. In these cases, the flower girl dress is sure to match.

If your flower girl is wearing white, you can still coordinate her dress with the rest of the wedding’s décor colors. One option is to add a sash that is the key color. You may even be able to use fabric from the bridesmaids’ dresses after their dresses are hemmed. Ask the consultants in your bridal shop to save that fabric for you when it is cut from the dresses.

To get the best of both options, you may decide to use a flower girl dress that incorporates the white or ivory of the bride’s gown with the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Purchasing a dress with a white top and a colored skirt can be an easy way to achieve this. A jacket or cardigan in the same color as the wedding’s décor also allows you to incorporate some color into the flower girl dress.get latest news at

Finally, using silk flowers makes it easy to bring the wedding’s décor into the flower girl’s attire. After ordering bouquets for yourself and your bridesmaids, look for silk flowers that match the flowers in your bouquet. Large arrangements of these silk flowers can be attached to the flower girl dress at the waist. Smaller, more diminutive arrangements can even be attached to the dress at the neckline.

Bringing Your Wedding Colors into a Flower Girl Dress

Tying your wedding colors into your flower girl dress can reap several rewards at your wedding. Your wedding will enjoy a unified feeling that is similar to the feeling found in professionally planned weddings. More importantly, however, your flower girl will feel like she fits in during the wedding and at your festivities. This connection will allow her to enjoy her role in your special celebration.

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