Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dresses

Little girls like to dress up like grownups with the high heels and pretty dresses. When a wedding comes around and she is chosen to be the Flower Girl, she gets her wish. Flower girls are generally around three to nine years of age and their job is to precede the maid of honor escorted by the ring bearer. She sometimes will drop flower petals in the brides path. You do not have to have a wedding in order for you little one to wear her flower girl dress.checkout additional information at http://www.sunflowergirl.ca/flower-girl-dress-embellishments/

They can be wore at parties, holidays, receptions and church gatherings. But choosing flower girl dresses can be a chore. Weddings themselves can be very expensive when you add in all the flowers, caterers, etc. For most people having a custom made dress for your flower girl might be out of the budget. Custom dresses do have the advantage of a perfect fit, as they will be measured for just the size of your girl.

There are many bridal outlets stocked full of beautifully designed flower girl dresses, each with their own distinct styling and color. If you decide to have your flower girl dress made just for the wedding, it will require a lot of time and work. This requires constant measurements and approval of the bride as well. Not only do you have the cost of material, but if you or someone close is not a seamstress, the cost of labor has to be added in also.

Some other options you should consider when purchasing your flower girl dresses are…

Material type

The types of materials range from satin, silk, taffeta, poly dupioni and tulle & organza. These are the most popular fabrics used for flower girl dresses.


The flower girl dress you decide on should have the look of the season whether it be summer, fall, spring or winter. Most wedding do not take place in the winter, so this most often is not an issue.


There are so many designs on the market today it is hard to list them all. I have searched the internet and found so many beautiful and unique designs. The choice is up to you and the wedding party if this dress is for a wedding. Some designs that come to mind are sleeveless, embroidery and beads, floral petals, spaghetti straps, and the list goes on and on.Flower Girl Dress


Of course there are many colors you can choose from , but the most popular colors are ivory, white, pink and black. The wedding she is in, will dictate what color she will be picking.


It would be nice if all children were the same size, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Flower girl dresses come in many sizes from infant and toddler up to girl sizes 14-18. No matter the size, you should be able to find one that works for your girl.visit their official website for more details.


Flower girl dresses are not overly expensive, at least they don’t have to be. Anyone who wants, can drop a lot of money on a dress. It is up to you.


Flower Girl Dresses

There is a lot more to the dress ensemble than just the dress. You can add flower baskets, headbands or wreaths. There is also the socks and shoes to give your outfit that finished touch. You can also add in tiaras, hair bows, and an assortment of other accessories.

Choosing the right flower girl dress can be fun and challenging. I hope this list gives you an idea of where to start. Try to get creative if the opportunity arises, make your little princess standout.

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