Flower Girl Dress Embellishments

Flower Girl Dress Embellishments

Without embellishments, many flower girl dresses would look pretty plain. Imagine a solid-colored dress, whether the color is white, blue, or pink, that is devoid of any ornamentation. Is that what you had in mind for your flower girl? Of course, it isn’t. Fortunately, there are many different embellishments available to add some style to your flower girl’s dress.get updates about wedding dresses on this article.

Bows are one very popular type of decoration on flower girls dresses. An over-sized cash in your wedding color is one of the most frequently used adornments in flower girls dresses. You can also look for dresses that include bows at the shoulder or sleeve or tiny bows decorating the center neckline.

Flowers are also an easy choice of embellishment for a flower girl dress. A smattering of silk flowers that coordinate with the bridesmaids’ bouquets may be the perfect decoration to be placed at the waistline of the dress. Some dresses even include a tulle overlay that allows you to place flower petals inside the skirt of the dress. Take care to use silk flowers, though, so that the petals will not stain the dress.

What little girl wouldn’t like to wear a dress bedecked with lace? For this reason, it’s no wonder that lace embellishments on flower girls dresses are consistently popular. Lace embellishments can be as simple as a lace detail added to the skirt’s hem or as decadent as a lace overlay on the entire skirt. A sweet, scalloped hem will really focus attention on the lace overlay.

Like the bride’s wedding gown, the flower girl’s dress may also be adorned with beading. Perhaps you’d like the bodice of your flower girl’s dress to be covered with beads. A more subtle option would include having beading placed strategically at the neckline of the dress. If you decide to include beading in your flower’s dress, however, you should be confident that the flower girl is old enough to refrain from picking at the trim on the dress. The last thing you want is to have your flower girl leave a trail of beads everywhere she goes.

Embroidery is another option for embellishing a flower girl dress. White or ivory embroidery on the fabric of the dress will create a subtle, tonal look that many brides will appreciate. Using a different thread color for the embroidery, however, will allow the threadwork to really stand out. You may even choose to use thread that coordinates with the bridesmaids’ dresses to tie the entire bridal party’s looks together.

Flower Girl Dress Embellishments

Finally, pick-ups are a very modern style of embellishment that are becoming increasingly popular. Pick-ups are, quite simply, small gathers placed throughout the skirt of a dress. For a truly elaborate dress, the centers of the pick-ups may be dotted with their own beaded decorations. Together, they make a truly show-stopping dress.for more information, visit http://www.moultrieobserver.com/community/weddings/jacobs-mobley-wedding/article_dadba1b4-6a3d-11e5-b254-c7432bb15314.html

Embellishments can take any average dress and turn it into something really special. Your flower girl’s eyes will light up when she sees the beautiful dress that she gets to wear.


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