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Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Ball Super

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There was the classic Dragon Ball anime at the beginning. After this there came a highly popular Dragon Ball Z anime series. In the new animated films like Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F. the latest series Dragon Ball Super is announced after the 18 years of the last episode of Dragon Ball GT. This is very interesting movie. Once you watch it, you will want to watch it again.
In this article we will tell you everything about the Dragon Ball Super. So read this article carefully s you can get the related information about the Dragon Ball Super.

When is Dragon Ball Super set

It is set before the last 3 episodes of Dragon Ball Z series. It appears to be an alternate telling of the 2 movies Battle of Gods and DBZ Revival of F. It contains the extra story and characters. Extra story and new characters make this movie more popular.

What does the kanji mean in the Dragon Ball Super logo

It is the character in the Dragon Ball Super series. The chowich is in Japanese and it means super. There is change in this character from the Dragon Ball Z and GT and also the movie DBZ Revival of F. it can be seen that the Japanese word cho is used however the English word super is written under it. Hence the official name can be either Draggon Ball Cho or Draggon Ball super.

How many episodes are there in the Dragon Ball Super anime??
As there is no official confirmation from the Japanese side but Toei Animation Europe’s site briefly listed 100 as the full episodes.
No doubt the number is true but there always the possibility that the series could continue further more if the popularity increases. There were many episodes of DBZ Revival of F.

What’s Dragon Ball Super about??

Of course it is different from the DBZ and DBZ revival of F. Beerus and Whish are the movie characters and have been confirmed to return. The first episode reveals that the Goku started work to earn money. Goten and Trunks went in search of a present for Goahan’s wife.get it over to http://www.christianpost.com/news/dragon-ball-super-episode-18-preview-resurrection-f-story-starts-as-goku-and-vegeta-train-on-beerus-planet-148937/ for more tips.

Where can I watch the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Super??
You can watch Dragon Ball Super every Sunday on Fuji TV at 9am. There is no official international streaming of Japanese version with or without English subtitles has been declared until now.

Is Dragon Ball Super out on DVD or Blu-ray??

Dragon Ball Super

The new Dragon Ball Super is not yet available in DVD or Blu-ray. But the information about the home release is expected before the end of 2015. So keep waiting.checkout latest episode at this link.


In this article we discussed everything about the Dragon Ball Super. Now you are have certain knowledge about this animated movie. Now when you watch this movie your concept will be stronger. It is good to watch Dragon Ball Z Revival of F before you watch DBZ Super. It will develop your interest towards DBZ super.

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