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Dragon Ball series were created by Akira Toriyama that got published from 1988 to 1995 and converted to animation series by Toei Animation. Dragon Ball Z is a sequel of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z revolves around Goku who is the main character and, fights against the enemy of the earth.

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F’ is the fifteenth animated film under the title of Dragon Ball Z. DBZ revival of ‘F’ was released on April 18, 2015. This movie features around the resurgence of Frieze. One of the soldiers of Frieze becomes powerful enough to collect dragon balls of earth and use their energy for the revival of warlord Frieze from the intergalactic world. While on his arrival, he trains and rebuilds his army for an attack on the earth and to take revenge from his enemies Goku and Trunks. On the meantime, Gout and Vegetal had gone out of the earth for training. As soon as they get the news of the revival of Frieza they return to earth. A great battle is established during the encounter of Frieza Army and Goku and his friends. At the end of the battle of Dragon Ball Z fukkatsu No ‘F’, Frieza is defeated by Goku with a Kamehameha.

In the end of DBZ revival of ‘F’, all characters say farewell to each other, and Goku offers Vegeta for friendship which he refuses while Frieza takes his place back into hell. Visit this site for more  information  :



Dragon Ball Z fukkatsu no ‘F’ received multiple reviews across the world. DBZ revival of ‘F’ was within the franchise of all the other series of DBZ and has all the essence which needed for it. It has got all the action and the animation is outstanding. The reinforcement of Frieza is the real core of the film which gave a renewal to the film with his aesthetic presence. Although Frieza came with a lot of power, in the end, he was not even powerful than Goku even in his most ultimate “The Golden Form.” The first half of the DBZ revival of ‘F’ is full of action, comedy and drama but the film started to lose its momentum since final battle starts. The part of the villain on the side remained safe, and it did not offer a threat to the heroes which led no any meaningful punch to the movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F’ an average rating of 6.2/10. The film was given a ‘B’ by Sam Leach of Anime News Network. Click here!

DBZ revival of ‘F’ earned US$8.1 million in the first two days of release with 716,000 tickets sold. It sold around 27.4% more ticket than Battle of Gods in its opening weekend. Dragon Ball Z: Revival of ‘F’ earned a total of $8.4 million in the United States and Canada. So far till January 1, 2016, the film grossed around $53.7 million from other territories in the world.

The film Dragon Ball Z fukkatsu no ‘F’ achieved Silver Excellence Award at the 33rd Golden Gross Award in Japan and also got nominated for Animation of the Year at the 39th Japan Academy Prize.

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