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If you’re looking for the most flashy fights, go no further. Dragon Ball Z revival of f is just the right thing to watch. We’ve a list of the most epic brawls and fights you could find in Dragon Ball Z revival of f. Let’s have a look at the list,


  1. Teen Gohan fights Cell
    If you ask me the most epic fight was between Cell and Teen Gohan. When Gohan’s own father sacrifices his life trying to defeat Cell, Gohan has to save the day because this fight has become an emotional one because of the death of his beloved father. First, it seems that Gohan would lose against cell but then the direction of dbz revival of f is changed when with the help of Vegeta and emotional support from his father, Gohan wins!I
  2. Majin Vegeta fights Buu
    Goku is missing so Vegeta needs to fight and finish Buu. The fight is not very long and flashy but what makes it really epic is the fact that Vegeta sacrifices himself to finish Buu so that he can save his family and the planet.
  3. Goku and Vegeta fight Kid Buu
    This is the 3rd most epic battle of dbz revival of f. Buu is the cruelest villains of dbz revival of f and in order to kill him, Goku and Vegeta must fight together. But even both of them are no match for Kid Buu’s powers who sends back the Goku’s spirit bomb back to him. But in the end, with the help of his friends, Goku sends back the spirit bomb to Buu, which ends him.
  4. Goku vs Frieza
    After various failed attempts to kill Frieza, Goku finally reaches his Super Saiyan form during the final battle with Frieza. The villains overconfidence gets him killed when he gets hit by his own attack. The fight gets more epic because the planet is about to explode.
  5. Goku, Gohan and Goten fight Broly
    Gohan tries a Kamehameha against Broly which is not enough to finish him. Goten comes to help his brother but both of them are no match for the legendary Broly. When Goten wishes that Goku was here to help, the Kamehameha attack from Gohan and Goten strengthens up, because of the brief revival of Goku. The combined strength of the father and sons blasts Broly off the face of the planet.
  6. Goku fights Broly
    When Goku fires a huge Kamehameha at Broly but it doesn’t affect him a bit. He laughs at Goku’s weak attack showing how powerful the legendary Saiyan is.
  7. Goku fights Vegeta
    The first battle between the two is the most epic of them all. The two hit each other. There are punches and kicks and some flashes of light until Goku falls beaten up by Vegeta who smiles in victory.
  8. Vegeta fights Android 19
    Android was undefeatable until Vegeta changed to his super Saiyan form for the first and ended the villain because he’s not too strong to defeat a super Saiyan.
  9. Goku fights Beerus
    Goku fires one of the biggest Kamehameha in this fight which is just memorable. Goku reaches his new God form with the help of other Saiyans which makes this fight even more epic.
  10. Earth fighters fight Frieza’s Army
    The last of the best battles in dbz revival of the f, is when Tien, Krillin and even Master Roshi fight against Frieza’s army. This battle is not considered mostly because the earth fighter’s power is nothing compared to Goku’s. But it is still epic.

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